2017 / 9 April

Qatar Ministry of Transport and Communications

Our team was assigned with an impossible task to produce the corporate video for Ministry of Transport and Communications within 8 days. Including concept, script, casting, post production or motion graphics, tracking and colour grading. Since impossible is nothing our team took this up as a challenge. We had 10 people in post production working around the clock for 8 days to produce the motion graphics.

Within 24 hours we formed a team of all production crew and the cast of 20-30 actors and extras which even included an infant of 4 months.

8 days later complete corporate video that was filmed on RED Dragon was ready for delivery right on time and on the budget.

Thank you to all government departments of Qatar that helped us with locations, filming permits, stadium, metro, airport, house and some actors.

Our philosophy of “Impossible is Nothing” made this happen. The video was played at an event attended by the elite and top government officials in Qatar and Qatar’s Prim Minister himself. Till date, we are applauded for what we pull off in 8 days.


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