2016 / 25 September

Oman: Filming Permit Guide and Services



If you are looking to shoot a video for a musical, movie, TV show or documentary in Oman, or perhaps you are simply looking for a location with never before seen, yet exotic scenery and landscape you can use for your next video, Oman is your best bet and we at PictureThis are ever ready to help you actualize that. You see, Oman has it all, beautiful landscape, Wadis, Serene desert locations, serene beach locations, rocky mountains, traditional old villages, Islamic architecture and plenty wildlife. There is just no place like Oman and what’s more, it is one of the least filmed countries, so there are lots of choices for a producer or director looking to shoot some never before seen stunning landscapes.

Here are some more benefits of filming in Oman and why PictureThis is your best bet for getting the right filming guides and permits in Oman:

Oman is one of the most friendly and laid back members of the Gulf Council countries. This is because the government of Oman recognizes the awesome attraction it possesses for film crews and it is set to make the atmosphere more conducive for them.

In Oman, like we offer in many different locations, our services are broad and well specified to ensure that every film crew, cast, production house or studio that engages us is assured of the most quality and complete support. Our services include:

Location management – this includes identifying the best location, equipment set-up and other logistical support.

Import documents for equipment – it is absolutely necessary to have all your documents and permits in Oman and we are always on ground to ensure you have no hassle from the officials of the government over expired or false documents. Before you bring in your equipment for filming, we will ensure the proper papers are filled out and filed.

Transport – transport is one of our specialties. Whether you need the vehicle simply to move your equipment and crew from one place to another or you need it as a prop in the movie or TV show you are shooting, you can count on us to provide it speedily.

Talent casting – we also support our clients in casting for talents, either as main characters or as extras. This is because our creative team is very adept as spotting the best kind of talent you will need for whatever video you are shooting.

We have over 12 years of experience in this field and you can be sure that we are professional. Our services are top notch and tailored to meet your budget so you have no fear of overspending with us.

Please visit our parent company website for Aerial Filming Services we Offer in UAE and Oman www.choppershoot.com


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