2016 / 15 September

Live Streaming is Future


Live Streaming Is Future:

Quite recently, Facebook launched the Live Video Feature to their app and completely revolutionized the game. Since the announcement and introduction of Live Video, everything that is worth anything has to be streamed online. From pop concerts, to small league basketball or UEFA Champions League matches, product launches (such as the iPhone 7 launch), award shows and presentations, and even conferences, all are live on Facebook.

However, while live streaming may very well have taken over the internet, and completely revolutionized video coverage as far as anyone can remember, not just anybody is capable of covering an event with the right kind of equipment to ensure the live stream is clear, smooth and uninhibited. And this is where we at PictureThis come in.

At PictureThis we are committed to excellence in all our projects. The focus and dream of the client is our watchword and our goal is to ensure that it is fulfilled beyond even expectation. As soon as word broke out of Facebook’s newest feature, we purchased the very best in live coverage equipment; HD550 by Live Stream. Live Stream is the world’s leading manufacturer of live streaming equipment and software, and to ensure we always deliver the quality we promise, we have invested in this new equipment.

Benefits of live streaming with HD550 from PictureThis

Wireless technology – the HD550 equipment comes with the capability to function completely using wireless technology for the cameras. This way it is possible to not only stream directly from one camera, but stream live from multiple cameras at the same time. The HD550 is truly revolutionary technology, and it is available for all our clients.

Better brand exposure – by utilizing the Live Video feature from Facebook, our clients have the advantage of creating a better brand exposure for themselves and their products. And this is only possible because of the awesome live streaming options we offer at PictureThis using our HD550 equipment.

Richer content – HD550 offers the capability to utilize more than one camera, thus producers can maximize over two different camera angles to achieve richer content for the benefit of their audiences.

Wide reach – live streaming with PictureThis is not restricted. We operate all through the UAE and can function to make your concert, conference, wedding, product launch or sports event come beautifully alive with our different live streaming technologies. Give us a call or send us an email today so we can schedule the meeting that will change your video coverage for ever.

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