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Filming Permit in Dubai

Filming Permit In Dubai

If you are thinking about filming in Dubai, it is good to know that Dubai has some really strict guidelines to doing so. The great thing is that they are clearly outlined so you do not have to worry about missing out on any. This post is about the different departments that oversee filming in Dubai and what permits you need to obtain to shoot a movie, documentary or TV show in this emirate.

Dubai Film Commission. This is the body that oversees all filming activity in Dubai. Regardless of what your film is about – movie, documentary, aerial film, reality TV show, or even nature show, if you do not have a permit from this body, you are likely to attract a fine of up to $10,000.00 or even more.

There are several concessions you have to make when obtaining a filming permit in Dubai and one of them is that you have to hire a local production company, and this is where we come in at PictureThis. The law states that before International TV Production companies can obtain a filming permit in Dubai, they have to hire a local production company. If your company is based in the UAE however, you must obtain a TV Productions license to enable you apply for a filming permit.

Why PictureThis is your best option for local production company

PictureThis has over 10 years experience serving as the liaison between international production houses and the Dubai Film Commission. We are a fully staffed and equipped outfit that can support any kind of filming venture in the UAE, so you do not even need to worry about bringing in too many staff or equipment, we have what you need, and what’s more, we also have all the permits necessary for any kind of filming in Dubai. It is common for new filming permit requirements to come up, and we are always up to date on the requirements so once you contract us you can rest at ease knowing that all your filming permit needs for any portion of the UAE are covered.

At PictureThis, we also assist our clients with location management, location negotiation and production management. We also provide bilingual producers to facilitate production while on site or within Dubai.

Benefits to filming in the UAE

UAE locations have been used for some of the major International Productions, like Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Star wars, Fast and Furious 7, Dabang and Happy New Year to name a few. The Dubai Film Festival is an annual event that attracts scores of celebrities and new talents from all over the world.

Also, the UAE government has set up special zone for creative production that supports large to small productions. The Media City of Dubai and TwoFour 54 in Abu Dhabi are incentives created by the government to encourage international companies to film in the UAE.

Other benefits include:

Beautiful weather, awesome architecture – mosques, malls, racing tracks, beach, desert, and fancy hotels. The UAE is also a small country and so almost all of the locations are within a 2-hour drive from each other, which saves time and logistics.

Here are some FAQs that you may find helpful:

Can I obtain a permit by myself?

Any international production company planning to film in the UAE is required by law to hire a UAE based Film and TV production company to obtain the filming permits on their behalf. The international company will be required to authorize us to obtain the film permits on their behalf.

What do you require to get the permits?

We require:

1) Details of the Production

2) Script

3) Type of Production

4) Crew Passport Copies

5) Location list

How long does it take to obtain the permits?

If the project is scripted such as in a movie or documentary, it takes 30 days to get the permits. If the project is unscripted like reality TV or news and current affairs the permit time is 1 week.

What are the location fees?

Location Fees vary based on if the location desired is a:

Government Location, Public Location, Private Location or Semi Government Location.

Minimum location fee is AED2,000.00, for 2 weeks on most public locations and the Maximum location fee is up to AED25,000.00 Per Day for privately owned location.

I am filming Indoor, do I require permit?

If it is a private location with no general public, and you have a permit (vocal or written) from the owner of the location then you do not require filming permits.

We hope these answer most of your questions. Please get in touch with us if you require any further information.

We invite you to film in the UAE, and look forward to make your filming experience truly memorable.

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