We are full-service Dubai Video Production Company, we create your story through video. The story that reaches your audience at the right time, in the way you need to reach them and that captures their maximum attention. We can meet all your Video Production requirement in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman

We’ve operated in the Arabian Gulf for more than 12 years. We produce all our work through our in-house team of best-in-class Producer, Director, DOP, Editors and Animation Artists.

Our most distinctive asset is the way we work. We are a team of filmmakers that love what they do. Creating video content that works for our clients all the way. We take the time to understand who you want to talk to and how you want to engage with them to get the results you want to achieve

Since time is money and money can’t buy time, avoid dealing with PA, Secretary or IVR. Just call one of our producers directly on +971 50 6359452 or Email us from our  Contact Us page to know more about our services.

Social Media Content and Corporate Video

Our Video Production creativity and adaptability bring you the perfect visuals for your social media strategy – creating the interest and engagement you need.

From longer 1-2 minute videos to shorter 15-20 second edits, we work with agencies and other clients to provide video content fit-for-purpose in the style, form and length to feed each of your social media channels.

When it comes to growing your social media audience, our crew gets it. Our average response rate is more than 1 million views and likes.

Live Streaming

With its ability to be shared instantly and interactive possibilities, live streaming is the emerging extension to video marketing. Its popularity speaks volumes. YouTube recently captured 8 million views on its E3 stream in just 12 hours.

Broadcast your latest launch. Take a tour around your new facility and introduce the team. Provide a live cooking demonstration. Respond to your viewers’ questions in real time. Personalise your answers to engage your audience further.

These are just some of the possibilities of live streaming. PictureThis has the resources and know-how to bring you a live interactive audience and keep it there.

Corporate Events

Coverage of your event can be as important as the event itself if you want it to continue to retain and grow bookings every year, be it a conference, product launch, a business forum or a large exhibition.

We capture the essence of your corporate event on any scale. Whether it’s a conference, business forum, product launch or large-scale exhibition, we get it right. Our onsite team of multiple cameramen ensures you get the coverage you need.

We keep in mind exactly where and how you want to use the footage. We can also provide live updates to be used as social media content as the event unfolds – or leading up to your next event.

Motion Graphics and 3D Animation

Video Content is the perfect tool to clearly put across even the most complex concepts. We create your corporate video in a way that connects you with the audience you want to reach.

Whether it’s a brand awareness initiative, new product launch, promotional video or a showcase of your capabilities, we work frame-by-frame to get your message across in a way that people will engage with and remember.

One way to do this is through 3D motion graphics, or animations as they are also known. Using strong visual messages, we can create the video, motion graphics, or a combination of both.

3D motion graphics are an excellent way of presenting facts and figures. We can also create a strong theme concept across a series of videos – for a line of products and services for example.

Call us today, and make us your Video Production partner.