2015 / 4 February

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Documentary

Today it is easy to see that Dubai is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but a few years ago, it was not so. A few years ago, Dubai was a dusty seaside city with little or no exposure or worth when it came to tourism, architecture, art or exhibitions. Recent developments drew Dubai to become what it is today, and it all started from the tiny area known as Deira and Bur Dubai Creek.


Over a hundred years ago, the Bani Yas tribe first made their way to the place which is now called Dubai and they settled on the Bur Dubai Creek. It was they who established the Al Maktoum dynasty which has existed since the 19th century till date. The present ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the 13th in the line of succession.

The Bur Dubai Creek served as a major source of commerce for the city in the old days, even with its shallow draft, as boats and small canoes from as far as India and East Africa regularly plowed the waters bringing trade in pearls and fish. The commercial benefits of the creek were evident to all and in 1961 it was dredged to allow passage of 7 foot vessels. Dredging the creek opened up opportunities for continuous commerce, especially re-export and this was when Dubai had her first edge over the more dominant trading centre of that time, Sharjah.

That was just the beginning.

Today, from the Dubai Creek you can see the Jebel Ali Port, Port Saeed, Deira Twin Towers, Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai Creek Golf and Yatch Club, Sheraton Dubai Creek, the National bank of Dubai, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the Dubai Creek Park, which is one of the largest parks in Dubai.

Dubai Creek has changed so much in the past years but the spirit of commerce and trade has not left the waterside and the people still remember. Visiting the Dubai Creek and you can still feel the air of commerce and the energy pulsing through the people. At PictureThis we did a documentary to show the Dubai Creek and the life that surrounds it. You can click on the video in this post to watch the documentary and see that even though time has passed and so much has changed, the spirit of the Dubai Creek remains alive.

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