2016 / 23 September

Bahrain: Filming the Government Forum


Bahrain: Manama, 19th Sept 2016. ask@picturethis.ae, Tel: +971506359452

Knowing the predilection of the Crown Prince of Bahrain, doing a job for the government of Bahrain is an opportunity that would only have arisen if we are a top quality production firm. The PictureThis crew was hired by the Government of Bahrain to cover the Government forum, which is the strategic meeting of the government of Bahrain where the past, current and future plans of the Bahrain government are hashed out and policies are drafted. In this year, the forum focused on the Bahrain 2030 Vision, and as required every single government official from every single department or ministry in Bahrain was present at this forum.

In itself, covering the events in Bahrain does not seem like much of feat, except for two things:

First of all, it was a monumental occasion; the Crown Prince himself, Prince Salman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, made a speech where he emphasized on his dream for more unity among the people and what his vision for what Bahrain should achieve in 2030 was. His speech was received with thunderous applause and ovation from every single one of the Ministers and Governors present.

Secondly, and most importantly, we were only given 24 hours notice before going for this event. As soon as we were hired and informed we were going to be filming the government forum in Bahrain, we had to set out. The crew on this filming trip was made up of 4 cameramen, 1 producer and one on-site editor, and with these meager resources, and the little time we had, we still pulled off a magnificent job in Bahrain.

At PictureThis, we believe the customer is always right and the very minute you contract us to fulfill a project, we set out to deliver the very best regardless. Despite the small time we had to prepare for the trip, we were able to set out immediately and make all our arrangements such that we still had a very good project in the end, and this was due to many years of practice at delivering excellence. PictureThis as a business and a brand did not start a few years ago and our staff are very well versed and versatile to adapt quickly to situations and make the most of them on the fly.

Also, we are familiar with working with Bahrain and this gives us an edge over other production companies.

If you are interested in any project in Bahrain why not give us a call on +971506359452 or email: ask@picturethis.ae and we will be sure to get back to you.

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